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12 Dec 2018

Combell Group becomes leading domain provider in Switzerland with Switchplus

Combell Group announces that it has acquired the Swiss hosting company Switchplus from the SWITCH Foundation. With this strategic acquisition, Combell Group enters the hosting market in Switzerland with strong ambitions to expand its position in the country. With Switchplus, Combell Group becomes the leading digital enabler for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


04 May 2018

Combell Group acquires SmartWeb

Supported by the international private equity fund Waterland, Combell Group has bought the webshop platform SmartWeb The strategic acquisition consolidates Combell Group’s position as one of the leading e-commerce solution providers for SME companies in the Nordics.


03 Apr 2018

Hosting group Intelligent splits into Combell and Sentia

Intelligent, the hosting group over Combell and Sentia, is splitting itself into two independent hosting companies. Each company will be able to forge its own future path autonomously: Combell with products and services for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and the self-employed, and Sentia with complex hosting and application solutions for large companies.


05 Mar 2018

New Strategic Acquisition in the Scandinavian Hosting Industry

Combell Group supported by the international private equity fund Waterland has made a strategic acquisition of Surftown. The acquisition consolidates the leading position of Combell in Denmark and adds a strong position in Sweden.


20 Jun 2017

Combell completes acquisition of Dutch hosting provider Webscale

Dutch-based Webscale has been acquired by Combell. Webscale specialises in hosting services (mainly for websites using Drupal CMS), and its customer base includes several Dutch municipalities. Webscale will integrate its services into Combell and disappear as an independent brand over time.


14 Jun 2017

Zitcom Group and Combell join forces

The Belgian hosting group Combell Group has acquired Zitcom Group. Represented by brands such as Combell, Easyhost and Byte, Combell Group is the Benelux market leader for shared hosting for SME customers. Through this acquisition, Combell is enforcing her market position in Denmark.


06 Jun 2017

Danhost becomes part of Zitcom Group

Danish hosting company Danhost is now a part of Zitcom Group, which already counts brands such as UnoEuro, Wannafind, ScanNet and With the transaction, Zitcom Group expands its position as the leading hosting provider for Danish small and medium-sized enterprises.


20 Dec 2016

Combell acquires Danish hosting company DanDomain

The number one in the Benelux for hosting, Combell, has set foot in Denmark. Thanks to the acquisition of DanDomain, a market leader, 70 in-house experts are joining Combell with years of expertise in hosting and webshops. The acquisition fits with Combell’s vision to be a comprehensive one-stop shop for customers as it brings together expertise in e-commerce and hosting services.


06 Dec 2016

Meebox becomes part of Zitcom Group

Danish hosting group Zitcom Group has made a strategic acquisition of Meebox. As a result of the acquisition, Meebox, which also includes the brand, changes management and will get access to more resources in order to deliver top-notch hosting and cloud solutions.


18 Aug 2016

Combell acquires Openminds

Combell, the Belgian market leader in hosting services, takes over Ghent-based Openminds. Openminds is most renowned for its tailored server management services. Together, they will continue to develop Combell’s DevOps approach.