Management team

An expert team with more than 100 years of combined experience

We are Combell Group
Jonas Dhaenens

Jonas Dhaenens, CEO

Jonas is the CEO of Combell Group and initial founder of Combell. He is an investor in multiple internet related companies. Jonas sets his mind on ambitious commercial goals, always with a practical approach to their implementation.

Jacques Vanloo

Jacques Vanloo, CFO

Jacques is the CFO of Combell Group. He has a broad experience in the hosting and server sector, and has a highly financial background. Thanks to his excellent eye for the financial, he makes sure that the group can operate smoothly.

Frederik Poelman

Frederik Poelman, Managing Director Benelux

Frederik is MD of Combell Group in the Benelux and co-founder of Combell. He has a technical background, combining management and technical skills on the floor every day.

Stefan Rosenlund

Stefan Rosenlund, Managing Director Nordics

Stefan is MD of Combell Group in the Nordics and co-founder of ZitCom. He has a hands-on approach and a highly infectious enthusiasm for the business.

Stijn Claerhout

Stijn Claerhout, CTO Benelux

Stijn is the CTO of Combell Group in the Benelux. He joined Combell back in 2004 and has been leading various teams and technical integrations for over 13 years.

Ole Jensen

Ole Jensen, CTO Nordics

Ole is the CTO of Combell Group in the Nordics. He joined Zitcom in 2008 and has 8 years of experience in hosting, but already over 15 years of experience in IT.

Claus Brandstrup

Claus Brandstrup, CFO Nordics

Claus is the CFO of Combell Group in the Nordics. He has more than 10 years of experience in business administration and financial management within different sectors.