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We are Combell Group

Truly inspiring business history.

Combell Group consists of several well-known and respected hosting brands, offering services from domain names, email and shared hosting to online presence, e-commerce solutions and server hosting in the cloud.

We want to present our customers the most comprehensive and full product offering and become a real partner, so they have everything they need to run their online business effortlessly. The vision has always been to be a true 'host on the internet', a crede that Combell has had for the past 18 years.

The group originates from the Benelux and the Nordics, the two regions where it also has the majority of its operations. In those regions, Combell Group is the leading platform for hosting today.

Jonas Dhaenens, CEO of Combell Group, founded Combell back in 1999 in Belgium. Operations rapidly expanded through various new brands and acquisitions throughout the years.

The vision of the group has always been to grow the business by acquiring and integrating similar companies with matching ideology and sense for quality, while also investing in strong organic growth. The latter is achieved by offering access to cutting-edge products and services on our ever-expanding platform, and also with a strong focus on customer and employee satisfaction.

Thanks to a continuous strong organic growth and additional acquisitions, Combell Group has become a market leader in hosting services in the Benelux and The Nordics. We're now the 3rd biggest cloud hosting company in Europe, and a leading mass webhoster in Northwest Europe.

The ambitions of the group are stronger than ever. The group is continuing on its path of strategic acquisitions in and organic growth in that region.

And we're just getting started.

Logo Zitcom

Acquisition of Zitcom Group (DK)

Logo Webscale

Acquisition of Webscale (NL)

Logo Danhost

Acquisition of Danhost (DK)

Logo DanDomain

Acquisition of DanDomain (DK)

Logo Openminds

Acquisition of Openminds (BE)

Logo Byte

Acquisition of Byte (NL)

Logo HostingXS

Acquisition of HostingXS (NL)

Logo Web10

Acquisition of Web10 (DK)

Logo Cloud.dk

Acquisition of Cloud.dk (DK) and Meebox (DK)

Logo PriorWeb

Acquisition of PriorWeb (BE)

Logo Stone

Acquisition of Stone IS (BE)

Logo 1EuroHost

Acquisition of 1Eurohost (BE)

Logo Flexmail
Logo Addemar

Acquisition of Flexmail (BE) and Addemar (BE)

Logo ScanNet

Acquisition of ScanNet (DK)

Logo .gent

Launch of .GENT domain extension (BE)

Logo VibiT

Acquisition of VibiT (BE)

Logo Register

Acquisition of Register (BE)

Logo Easyhost

Easyhost brand launches (BE)

Logo Zitcom

Zitcom brand launches (DK)

Logo UnoEuro

UnoEuro brand launches (DK)

Logo Curanet

Curanet brand launches (DK)

Logo Wannafind

Wannafind brand launches (DK)

Logo Combell

Combell brand launches (BE)

Jonas Dhaenens

Our vision has always been to lead in the online market not only by offering a cutting-edge hosting platform to our customers but also by expanding the group through highly focussed and targetted acquisitions that will grow our business even further. We're just getting started!